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SZ-Vincy Posted: Thursday, October 25, 2018 6:38:55 PM(UTC)
Step by step guide of wireless car charger W5

Lots of customers sent email regarding the weak magnet, cannot hold phone well, slow to charge.
In order to understand what is the correctly method of use, you need first get to know these instruction and notice.

The principle of wireless charging:
The principle of electromagnetic induction is mainly used, and the energy is transmitted through the coil to realize the energy transfer. This is a new stylish charging way to you. Supports all Qi wireless charging phone. This wireless car charger can reduce the complexity of conventional mode charging accessories. At the same time, it can also achieve fast charging. No impact on use of your mobile phones.

How to work with wireless charging?
1. Fixed installation:
Clamp bracket at air conditioning vent or at other places in the car. Please connect the USB car charger port we have provide with USB charging car cable. Adjust the angle.
2. Charging:
When the led indicator keep flashing, please remove phone case that fits the wireless charger first. Make sure there are not water or other stickers or metal objects on the back of the phone.

There is two ways to hold phone:

Option 1: install the metal ring
Please remove your phone case first when hold phone with metal ring. You should stick the metal ring on the middle of your mobile phone. (Generally, the sensing area of phone is in the middle) The phone can be directly attached to the stand and start charging.

Option 2: install the holster
Also, you can choose to affix the holster to the middle of the phone case. The thickness of the phone case should below 3mm. This will ensure the normal operation of the charging.

Notice: With metal phone case it cannot be charged.
Wooden phone case not suggested because thickness over 3mm.
Some iron decoration on the back of the mobile phone sometimes affects the charging efficiency.

What charging adapter achieve fast charging?
Ordinary, the USB charging adapter is about 5V/1.5A. This input of W5 is DC 5V/2A or 9V/1.67A. To make sure the effect of fast charging, we have configured USB car charger, the output can achieve fast full of charging.
After the initial use, you can try to charge phone with the metal ring that inside the phone case.
We recommend to stick the metal ring without phone case or stick the holster with phone case. That would strongly hold your mobile phone.

If the metal ring has stuck in the middle of the phone case, still can't be charged, and if the dropout is serious, please contact us, we are willing to do a return or exchange service for you.

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